‘Be interested in me’ activity

In the next activity you are asked to reflect on your context and how you get to know potential volunteers and they get to know you.

Activity 4

  1. In your learning journal, write down five things you will need to know about a volunteer.
  2. Consider the methods that have been previously outlined and identify how you will find out this information about the potential volunteer.
  3. Write down five things that an individual might need to know about your group or organisation.
  4. Again, using the methods outlined, when and how will the potential volunteer be able to find out this information?

You might want to ask your current volunteers to help with these questions.

Don’t forget to record all this in your learning journal.


To ensure new volunteers have a good experience when getting started with their chosen group or organisation, you need to think about making this process as streamlined and as easy as possible. Volunteers are going to be put off by a process that takes too long or has seemingly unnecessary hurdles.

In some cases, getting to know new volunteers will be informal – perhaps a conversation at an event or over a cup of tea. Other situations will require a degree of formality proportionate to the context.

The volunteers for the Kilmaurs Gala Committee said, ‘I went to the meeting and got an idea of what they did’ and ‘I was asked to do things and then I started to suggest things to do’. As a volunteer-led organisation, this level of flexibility seems to work well for all involved, with the volunteers on the committee reflecting on how this informal approach allows them to ‘get to know [the volunteer] and find a role that is suitable for them’.

In this video, Tania at GALE talks about their relatively informal process of getting started and how they support people to go on to other opportunities if what’s on offer is not right for them.

Download this video clip.Video player: Tania, Volunteer Co-ordinator, GALE. All rights reserved.
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Tania, Volunteer Co-ordinator, GALE. All rights reserved.
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‘Be interested in me’ continued

3.2 ‘I want to feel welcomed and encouraged’