3.3 Take action and be ready to get started

In this section you have considered two key areas related to getting started: ‘Be interested in me’ and ‘I want to feel welcomed and encouraged’. The next step, having reflected on what is proportionate for your context, is to develop an action plan to help you make positive changes.

Actions you might want to take could include:

  • deciding on the methods that will help both the potential volunteer and your group or organisation to decide if you’re right for each other
  • identifying how you will get to know new volunteers and show that you’re interested in them
  • preparing what you want to cover during an induction process for volunteers
  • deciding how and when you will share information with volunteers, so they are not overwhelmed
  • designing an ‘induction’ process to make sure volunteers feel ready to start.

Activity 6

In your learning journal, note three actions that you want to take from the learning in this section. Prioritise these and write the most important one into your final action plan at the end of the journal.

You might have thought of something that wasn’t significant enough to write in your action plan, which you could do easily and would improve the experience for volunteers. Just do it now.

‘I want to feel welcomed and encouraged’ activity

3.4 Further resources