4 Making a difference

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In this section we will explore making a difference, the third stage in the volunteer management model. People get involved in volunteering or community activities for a variety of reasons but often because they want to make a difference. Ensuring volunteers can see this difference means supporting them so they can make a difference and being clear about what difference they are making.

From the volunteers’ perspective there are two essential areas that this section will cover:

  • ‘How am I supported?’ – volunteers say that they want to be supported to effectively undertake their role and make a difference. They want to be able to carry out their role in an environment that enhances and protects their wellbeing. It is also about effective communication that ensures the group or organisation knows how the volunteer is getting on in their role.
  • ‘What have I achieved?’ – volunteers also say that they need to be able to see the bigger picture and the contribution that they have made, as this helps provide them with a sense of achievement, belonging and value.

These key areas are explored in more detail in this section.

3.4 Further resources

4.1 ‘How am I supported?’