6.4 Acknowledgements

The course was developed in partnership by Volunteer Scotland and The Centre for Voluntary Sector Leadership. At Volunteer Scotland the writing was led by Zoe MacGregor with contributions from Adrian Murtagh and Gemma Jackson. And at The Centre for Voluntary Sector Leadership, invaluable development support was provided by Ronald Macintyre, Carol Jarvis, and James Rees.

We would like to thank all the volunteers and staff who contributed to the initial workshops and pilot that gave us invaluable feedback that was vital to shaping our understanding of how to ensure a positive experience for volunteers. The volunteers and staff that contributed come from a wide variety of groups and organisations and we have tried to reflect their breadth of experience in this course and through the selection of the case studies. We are especially grateful for the time given by the organisations involved in developing the case studies. You can find details on each of them, starting with Kilmaurs Gala Committee, on the following pages.

This course is licensed under Creative Commons CC BY SA NC which allows non-commercial sharing, revising, remixing of the content as long as it is shared again under the same licence. All the images and video were created by Volunteer Scotland and all rights are reserved, if you want to use any of the images or videos for anything other than private study then please contact Volunteer Scotland.

6.3 About Volunteer Scotland and CVSL

Kilmaurs Gala Committee