1 Technology and me

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Before you learn more about technology-based counselling, it is useful to reflect on your own attitudes, experiences and practices related to digital technology.

There has always been a debate around the use of technology in counselling and psychotherapy (Weitz, 2014; Russel, 2015). Practitioners can have strong views and concerns about the quality of online provision and the range of ethical, legal and technological issues in online counselling practice (which will be covered in this course). Where you personally stand in the debate around technology-based counselling might be influenced by your own personal relationship with, and experience of, digital technology.

Activity 2: Technology word cloud

Timing: Allow approximately 5 minutes
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Pause for reflection

Once you have posted your word, look at what other users have posted. Are there similarities in the responses regarding the potential and challenges of online counselling?

1.1 Digital visitor or digital resident?