3 General considerations for online counselling

The different types of technology-based or online counselling can be situated along a continuum: services involving a strong human interaction component (’high-human factor’, such as video/audio-based counselling) sit at one end, and standalone interventions involving no human interaction (‘high-tech factor’, including many mental health apps) sit at the other.

This high-human factor vs. high-tech factor continuum provides a useful orientation to understand the commonalities and differences between these services, and what can be offered when employing each of them.

Activity 8: The high-human factor–high-tech factor continuum

Timing: Allow approximately 5 minutes

Drag and drop each service type to the correct place on the high-human factor–high-tech factor continuum.

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These different types of technology-based counselling are all delivered beyond the traditional in-person format via the internet or phone line. When you practice phone or online counselling, it is important to be aware of the specific properties and challenges of the therapeutic work in this environment.

3.1 The online disinhibition effect