5.2 What research says about effective teachers

Research evidence provides a more objective insight into the qualities and attributes of effective teachers. Many studies have researched the attributes of effective teachers. Below is a summary list of some of the attributes that have been found to be important.

Effective teachers:

Activity 5.2: Categorising and reflecting on the attributes of effective teachers

This activity invites you to think further about the attributes of good teachers and reflect on your own attributes as a teacher.

Use the list of the attributes of effective teachers given above to complete a table like the one below. Use as many rows as you need

Attributes of effective teachers
Pedagogical content knowledgeTeaching SkillsPersonal and professional qualities and valuesViews and beliefs
Active learning pedagogyCan communicate clearlyReflectiveThat all learners can achieve
  • which attributes can be taught to student teachers in college or university?
  • which attributes are more likely to be acquired over time in school?
  • which of the attributes do you think are your strengths as a teacher educator and which require some development?

5.1 What makes a ‘good’ teacher?

5.3 Supporting student teachers’ understanding of effective teachers