6.1 Features of a good lesson

A good lesson is one in which the learners make good progress. It is important for student teachers to understand the features of a good lesson so that they can plan for success. Teacher educators play an important role in developing student teachers’ understanding, both in theory and in practice by demonstrating the features of good lessons in their own teaching.

Activity 6.1: What are the features of a good lesson?

This activity invites you to think about the features of a good lesson.

What do you think are the features of a good lesson?

  • first, write your own list
  • next, read through the lists of the attributes of an effective teacher given in Tool 5: Recognising effective teachers to inform and add to your list.
    • do you want to alter your list?
    • how? Why?
    • is there anything you disagree with?
    • if so, why?
    • is there anything missing?

The following list of questions will help you to check the main characteristics of what makes a good lesson.

Recognising a good lesson

  1. Is it appropriate to the age and grade of the learners?
  2. Does the lesson stimulate and interest the learners?
  3. Does the student teacher have a good knowledge of the subject matter?
  4. Is the lesson plan and presentation flexible?
  5. Are there opportunities for active learning? E.g. questions and answers, debates, role play, discussion, song and dance, experimentation etc.
  6. Is there a dialogue between the learners and the student teacher (not just closed questions with ‘right’ answers)? Does the student teacher listen and respond to the learners’ ideas?
  7. Are instructional materials appropriate? If so, are they used well?
  8. Is a range of learning styles used in the lesson (e.g. visual, kinaesthetic, oral – to engage different learners)?
  9. Are all learners involved in the lesson? Or are some learners left out?
  10. Is the class organised effectively? How well is the class managed?
  11. Does the student teacher have clear strategies for evaluating the achievement of objectives? E.g. practice, demonstrative, tests, questions and answers etc.

Tool 6: Recognising a good lesson

6.2 Supporting student teachers’ understanding of good lessons