Resource 2: ‘Discussions prevent community conflict’

Background information / subject knowledge for teacher

On 27 September 2002, in Taraba State, a Fulani herdsman was herding his family cattle near Ibi town when a Tiv youth from Benue State attacked him with a machete and left him for dead. Fulani youth in the area started organising a revenge attack. Had the Fulani youth followed through with their revenge it could have reignited the cycle of violent conflict between the neighbouring Fulani and Tiv communities that has troubled the region in recent years.

However, Mr Ade Seyin, a Fuyani member of the Community Peace and Mediation Committee (CPMC), reported the incident to Mr Denise Tsav, a Tiv member of the CPMC. Mr Tsav immediately began investigating the crime, and having identified the guilty party, he handed him over to the police. Equally importantly, Mr Tsav convinced the Tiv community to pay the medical bills for the victim. Both actions stopped Fulani demands for revenge, averting a revenge attack that could have provoked further violence in the now peaceful community.

Adapted from: USAID, Website

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