Resource 2: Likely local ecosystems

Teacher resource for planning or adapting to use with pupils

Probable ecosystems you and your pupils might like to consider include the following:

  • life under a small rock or fallen tree trunk;
  • a nearby tree;
  • a hedge;
  • the classroom itself (corner, cupboard, etc.);
  • the local river, dam or lake;
  • a nearby forest;
  • a marsh or boggy area;
  • a dry barren hillside;
  • the household woodpile (watch out for snakes);
  • a clump of bushes;
  • a compost heap.

Record what pupils expect to find in their ecosystem in a table, example below:

Under a rock
SpeciesApproximate numberFeed onEaten byEggs or ?ActivityValue
Antswhole colonyant lionmany eggs and larvae and pupaedifferent workers soldiers queen 



clear dead


Scorpiononly one 




baboonlive youngsting is poisonous

Write pupils’ suggestions lightly in pencil to be rubbed out when the answers are filled in.

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