Resource 4: White-throated guenon

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The white-throated guenon, also known as the red-bellied monkey and the red-bellied guenon, is a primate that lives on trees in rainforests or tropical areas of Nigeria.

The white-throated guenon usually eats fruit insects and leaves. Crops are also in its diet. It usually lives in small groups of four to five individual monkeys, however there have been groups of 30 discovered and, in cases, some males wander alone.

The white-throated guenon lives in moist tropical forest and the wettest parts of dry tropical forest. However, it can also be found in secondary bush and old farmland.

Males weigh 3.5–4.5 kg and females weigh 2–4 kg. Females give birth to one offspring.

The white-throated guenon has almost become extinct due to constant hunting for the fur of its unique red belly and white front legs. One small group was found near the Niger River in 1988.

It is an endangered species in this area, near to extinction.

Today, its territory is protected, and hunting and logging is restricted In this area. It is one of the species that live in the Guinean Forests [Tip: hold Ctrl and click a link to open it in a new tab. (Hide tip)] of the West Africa Biodiversity Hotspot.

Further information about endangered species in Nigeria can be found from various conservation organisations, such as The Bush Meat Project ( and The Nigerian Conservation Foundation (, CERCOPAN (

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