Resource 3: Questions for maps

Teacher resource for planning or adapting to use with pupils

In your group, look at the map and answer the following questions:

  1. What do the lines show?
  2. How many hospitals can be found in the area that the map shows?
  3. On which street are most of the hotels in this area located?
  4. How many hotels are there on this street?
  5. Which streets would you go to if you needed petrol?
  6. Can you name two streets that have embassies located on them?
  7. Which street would you visit if you were hungry?
  8. How many hotels are there in total in the area of Abuja shown on this map?
  9. What do you think the ‘other’ symbol represents? How many different things can you think of?

Resource 2: Sample map

Section 2: Human settlements and resources