Resource 1: A homework list of local artefacts

Example of pupils' work

Jabali 6B
Names of Artefacts
1. DrumP
2. GuitarIs this the guitar that you made?
3. Wooden spoonP
4. BottleThink about this again. Was the bottle really made in your community?
5. Clay potsPVery good
6. Tingatinga paintingWhat is this?
7. Car toyIs it one of the toys made in your village?
8. Handwoven matP
Well done Jabali. You have collected a good list of artefacts here. Make sure you understand which of them are made in your community.

This was the homework list that Jabali handed in, as marked by Mrs Kabalimu.

3. Creating an informative exhibition

Resource 2: Categories for organising types of artworks and artefacts