Resource 2: Ideas for classroom displays

Teacher resource for planning or adapting to use with pupils

Cardboard box display

  • Pin display work on the sides of the box.
  • Sew or tape cardboard sheets together to make a box.
  • A box can show eight sides.

Display beams and hooks

  • Make a beam supported by two nails or loops of wire that can be hung on the wall, or suspended from a fixed beam.
  • Hooks or wire allow easy and swift display.

Display charts

  • Display charts can be made from durable cement bags, cloth, cardboard boxes, sleeping mats and blankets.
  • To make the chart hang flat, attach a strip of wood to the top and either another strip of wood or weights to the bottom.
  • Strips at top and bottom will strengthen the chart and make it last longer.

    Attach items to be displayed to the chart with office pins, cactus needles or sharpened matchsticks.

Adapted from: Byers, Childs & Laine, The Science Teacher’s Handbook published by VSO/Heinemann

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