6.5 Bullying

Research has shown that autistic learners are far more likely to be bullied than their peers. They are also far more likely to be bullied than other groups of learners who require additional support e.g. dyslexic learners. Siblings and parents of children with autism are also at greater risk of being bullied.

Activity 17

Go to the pages listed below on the Toolbox (this activity will be required for the final quiz).

Coping strategies and resilience Relationships [Tip: hold Ctrl and click a link to open it in a new tab. (Hide tip)] – Family, friendships, bullying

Activity 18 Reflective Log

In your Reflective Log, consider the following questions:

  1. How do I know how well I am supporting my autistic learners’ social and emotional wellbeing?
  2. How do we know as a school community that our ethos, practice and policies support our autistic learners social and emotional wellbeing?

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