2.2 National action

Equivalent measures to those covered in Section 1 have been seen in other parts of the world. In May 2007, Australian National University economics professor Ross Garnaut was appointed to produce Australia's version of the Stern Report. This was widely seen as a rebuff to the Howard administration due to its unwillingness to take genuine action on climate change. The Garnaut Climate Change Review was presented in September 2008 and acknowledged that Australia's per capita emissions were among the highest in the world. It noted the increase in mitigation efforts around the world, but that this was too slow to avoid the worst effects of climate change and, therefore, that mitigation by major economies will need to be stronger and earlier than previously thought.

Activity 5

Compare the Stern and Garnaut reviews. Can you find three key similarities and three key differences?

2 Analysing the effectiveness of large-scale mitigation

2.3 Contradictory carbon reduction policies: the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF)