4 Climate change: national adaptation

4.1 Climate change adaptation in the UK

Given the issues surrounding public perceptions of climate change and the effect this may have on policy, it is important to consider the current state of climate change adaptation in the UK. One key role of the DECC is to help the UK move to a low-carbon economy. With energy production responsible for a large proportion of CO2 emissions, a low-carbon energy supply is a central aim. As well as Government policy and individual action, action from business is required to meet climate change targets, with low-carbon technologies offering new markets and improved energy efficiency. Key policies and mechanisms include:

  • market mechanisms, including the EU emissions trading scheme, the climate change levy and climate change agreements, and the carbon reduction commitment

  • providing information, advice and support through the Carbon Trust, energy efficiency loans, smart meters and the enhanced capital allowances scheme

  • supporting innovation through the UK Environmental Transformation Fund.

Meanwhile, low-carbon transport is the remit of the Department for Transport's low carbon transport innovation strategy.

3.5 Influencing behaviour change