1.1.3  How can maternal and neonatal mortalities be reduced?

A mother and father with their new born baby

The reduction of maternal and neonatal mortality has been globally recognised as one of the World Health Organization’s Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), set in the year 2000. By improving maternal health and nutrition during pregnancy through effective antenatal care, ensuring safe and clean delivery, and providing immediate postnatal care, it is estimated we could prevent about 75% of neonatal deaths, more than 50% of deaths in the first year of life, and 99% of maternal deaths. These improvements can be achieved by effective community level interventions, which include effective communication and health education about antenatal care (covered in Study Session 2), the early detection and management of health problems during pregnancy (covered in later study sessions in this Module), and about care during labour, delivery and the postnatal period, and the management of newborn and childhood illness (in the next three Modules).

1.1.2  Newborn deaths and complications

1.2  Planning for maternal and newborn healthcare in your community