1.2.3  Calculating the number of focused antenatal care check-ups

Women who have good antenatal care during pregnancy are more likely to have safer births and healthier babies. A more efficient and effective approach to providing antenatal care has been developed in recent years. This new approach is called focused antenatal care (FANC). It is a four visit schedule which is recommended for a pregnant woman without major health problems. The schedule of the four focused antenatal visits is as follows:

First visitBeyond 16 weeks of pregnancy
Second visitBetween 24 and 28 weeks
Third visitBetween 30 and 32 weeks
Fourth visitBetween 36 and 40 weeks.

You will learn what to do at each of these focused antenatal check-ups in detail in Study Session 13.

  • Look back at the answer to Activity 1.1. In that community, how many antenatal visits would you make in one year if you achieved focused antenatal care for every pregnant woman?

  • You would make 800 antenatal visits (4 visits to each of the 200 pregnant women).

This calculation illustrates how carefully you will need to plan your antenatal care service, if you are going to visit each pregnant woman four times! If you cannot achieve this total, you should visit every pregnant woman at least once, and record the visit as described in the next section.

1.2.2  Calculating the number of women who need antenatal care services

1.2.4  Calculating the uptake of antenatal care services