3.2.1  Gaining weight in pregnancy

A pregnant mother should gain weight smoothly and steadily. If weight gain occurs suddenly, she should see a health professional.

  • During the first three months, she should expect to gain a total of 1–2 kg.
  • During the last six months, she needs to gain about 0.5 kg each week.
  • If she has already gained 11 kg after six–seven months, she should continue to gain moderately until delivery.

The baby puts most of its weight during the last few months.

  • A 29 weeks pregnant woman (that is seven months and one week) has already gained 12 kilograms of weight. What would you advise her and why?

  • Even though the pregnant woman has gained 12 kg (the minimum required being 11 kg), you should advise her to continue to gain weight little by little until her baby is born. This is because the unborn baby puts on most of its weight during the last months of pregnancy.

3.2  Nutrition during pregnancy and lactation

3.2.2  Eating during pregnancy