7.5.6  Strategies for the control of Iodine deficiency

The main strategies to control and eliminate iodine deficiency are the following:

Universal iodisation of salt for human and animal consumption

Iodine deficiency disorder can be eliminated by the daily consumption of iodised salt which is both a preventive and corrective measure for iodine deficiency and the most effective, low-cost, long-term solution to a major public health problem. The daily requirement of iodine for adults is 150 micrograms.

Your responsibility in control of IDD is to check twice a year if families in your community are consuming iodised salt. You read how to conduct testing of the salt that families consume in Study Session 4.

Supplementation of iodine capsules to populations in areas where iodine deficiency in very common

Iodine capsule dosages are:

One capsule for pregnant women and children under five.

Two capsules for women of reproductive age and children five to 14 years of age.

As a short-term strategy in highly endemic areas, iodised oil capsules should be distributed on a one-time basis to individuals. This will cover the recipients for one to two years until salt iodisation processes are in place.

7.5.5  Dietary diversification and modification for Vitamin A

7.5.7  Strategies for the control of iron deficiency anaemia