7.6  Prevention and control of vitamin A and iodine deficiencies

In addition to the supplementation and treatment services you have just read about, there are other equally important activities that you can do within your community to address micronutrient deficiencies.

To address vitamin A deficiency you can:

  • Help to mobilise and support communities to produce fruit and vegetable gardens to improve access to vitamin A rich foods
  • Support community child health days
  • Ensure an adequate supply of vitamin A capsules for your community
  • Monitor vitamin A supplementation coverage in your community.

To address iodine deficiency disorder you can:

  • Help to strengthen the national iodine deficiency control and prevention programme by monitoring use of iodised salt in your community twice a year (Study Session 5)
  • Implementing advocacy and creating demand for universal consumption of iodised salt.

7.5.7  Strategies for the control of iron deficiency anaemia

7.7  Prevention and control of zinc deficiency