9.2  Principles of management of moderate acute malnutrition

Pregnant women, lactating mothers and children under five are particularly at risk as they have increased nutritional needs. Particular attention is given to these vulnerable groups when trying to address moderate acute malnutrition. The aim of intervention for moderate acute malnutrition (MAM) is to rehabilitate moderately malnourished children, to prevent further deterioration of nutritionally vulnerable groups, and to ensure adequate intake to support pregnancy and lactation.

Local solutions to malnourishment are more likely to have a sustainable impact.

When you are working with families you should always consider what they have available at home and how best the family can support the moderately malnourished woman or child, so that they can become fully rehabilitated. Keep local solutions as the first option as much as possible, since they are more likely to be sustainable. Below are general guidelines to help you manage cases with moderate acute malnutrition.

9.1  Anthropometric criteria for defining severe and moderate acute malnutrition

9.2.1  Where there is no supplementary feeding programme