9.3  Enhanced Outreach Strategy/ Child Health Days (EOS/CHD)

As the name indicates, EOS/CHD is designed to enhance your outreach work as a Health Extension Practitioner to provide certain key activities that contribute to child survival. The Health Extension Programme has activities that should be implemented at household level when doing outreach, and at the health post. For example, an activity you can do during outreach sessions is growth monitoring and promotion; another example would be attending delivery of a labouring woman.

You will be asked to organise CHDs for your kebele. You need to have a good understanding of each aspect of the day, so it will run smoothly. You also need to be able to prepare detailed plans for your kebele. These will be communicated up to the woreda level and will ensure that you receive the required support that you need. While both EOS and CHD signify the same activities, EOS is conventionally used for those woredas where three-monthly enhanced outreach has not yet started. CHD is used to indicate those woredas that have progressed to three-monthly enhanced outreach. It is planned that all woredas will eventually undertake CHD with enhanced outreach every three months. Note that some components will still be undertaken on a six-monthly basis, even in CHD woredas.

9.2.2  Where there is a supplementary feeding programme

9.3.1  Components of EOS/CHD