9.7  Reporting

After completing your EOS/CHD activities you have to submit a report. There is a standard reporting template that you will use to fill out the number of children that received each of the components against the target. The performance of your kebele is normally measured by looking at what proportion of the target population that need to receive services have actually received the relevant interventions. You will therefore record information on the reporting template that enables this information to be checked.

In this study session you have learnt about the different anthropometric indices to determine the nutritional status of women and children. You have seen that as a Health Extension Practitioner you have a critical role in helping people in your community who have moderate acute malnutrition. If you apply what you have learned in this and earlier sessions in this Module, you will be able to mobilise and support your community effectively.

9.6  Registration and referral of cases with acute malnutrition

Summary of Study Session 9