10.4.3  Discharge

You should discharge the child from OTP follow-up if the following criteria are fulfilled:

  • For those who were admitted based on oedema: discharge if there is no oedema for two consecutive visits (14 days)
  • For those who were admitted without oedema: discharge when the child reaches discharge target weight.

If the child fails to reach the discharge criteria after two months of OTP treatment, you should refer the child for in-patient care and undertake more detailed follow-up to investigate the cause.

On discharge make sure:

  • Counselling is given to the mother or caregiver about child feeding and care
  • Wherever the service exists, give a discharge certificate to the caregiver and make a referral to the supplementary feeding programme
  • Each child is registered appropriately in the registration book on date of discharge.

10.4.2  Home visits

10.5  Recording and reporting