10.5.1  The registration book

The registration book is used to keep a record of children with severe uncomplicated malnutrition who are admitted to the OTP in your health post. The registration book is filled in only on date of admission and date of discharge. The information in the registration book will enable you to prepare monthly reports and analyse the performance of your OTP. The registration book is arranged in such a way that the admission information is written on the left-hand side page of the book while discharge information for the same child is completed on the next sheet on the right-hand side. You can see this in Figures 10.2 and 10.3, which reproduce sections from the registration book. Alternate rows are coloured to ease completion of information both on the date of admission and on the date of discharge.

Registration book for therapeutic feeding
Figure 10.2  Registration book for therapeutic feeding (part 1). (Source: Federal Ministry of Health)
Registration book for therapeutic feeding
Figure 10.3  Registration book for therapeutic feeding (part 2). (Source: Federal Ministry of Health)

10.5  Recording and reporting

10.5.2  The OTP card