10.5.3  Monthly reporting

When reporting on children with severe uncomplicated malnutrition, you need to follow a standard format. Information provided by you will include data on new admissions, transfer to in-patient facilities, children cured, children defaulting from treatment and the number of children who have died. The OPT card data is recorded according to the child’s age group and enables a picture to be built up in relation to the outcomes for children in the programme. It is therefore important that you keep accurate and clear records.

  • What admission procedures should you undertake once you classify a child as having severe uncomplicated malnutrition?

  • You would be able to manage this child at your health post. You would need to explain the procedures of OTP treatment to the child’s caregiver, register the child in the registration book and issue an OTP card for detailed follow-up visits.

10.5.2  The OTP card

10.6  Organisation of the health post to manage cases in OTP