10.6.1  Supplies

Table 10.6 overleaf sets out the items you need to treat children with severe acute malnutrition in your health post. The minimum stock indicated has been calculated by assuming you have a caseload of 30 severely malnourished children in your health post. Experience shows that the caseload varies significantly from woreda to woreda; however, your health post may have a much lighter caseload. Based on the caseload in your health post, you should talk with your supervisor and woreda health office to ensure availability of the items set out below.

Table 10.6  Items needed in a health post to treat severe acute malnutrition.
ItemMinimum stock/month
Ready to use therapeutic foods 4 cartons/week or 16 cartons/month
Amoxicillin½ tin
Mebendazole 100 mg1 tin of 100 tablets
Folic Acid15 tabs
Vitamin A capsule30 capsules

Measles vaccine vials (10 doses)

(Number of targeted children x measles coverage/10) +10%
Plastic cups2
Drinking water1 Jerry can
Salter scale (25 kg) plus pants or plastic basin1
MUAC tape2
Soap for hand washing1
OTP card30
Registration book1
Stock card/supply register1

10.6  Organisation of the health post to manage cases in OTP

10.6.2  Community mobilisation