1.5  Your actions in the postnatal period

You cannot assume that a successful delivery and healthy-looking mother and newborn in the immediate postnatal period will mean that they will continue in a good state. Complications may occur because of the physiological adjustments in the mother and newborn described above (which we will discuss in more detail in later study sessions in this Module), and the rapid adaptations the baby must make to life in the external environment. Therefore, you need to watch carefully for danger signs in the immediate and later postnatal period. Before sending the mother and the baby home (if they delivered at the Health Post), or before you leave both at their home after the delivery, watch them for the first six hours after the birth. If you were unable to attend the birth, visit them as soon as you can within the first 24 hours, and ideally in the first six hours.

1.4.2  Complications in the newborn

1.5.1  Evaluating the postnatal mother