5.2.3  Preventing iodine deficiency

A woman with a swelling in the front of her neck.
Figure 5.8  Goitre is a swelling in the front of the neck, caused by enlargement of the thyroid gland.

Adding iodine to salt is called iodination and using iodised salt in cooking is recommended in the postnatal period, especially in areas of the country where goitre is common as a result of too little iodine in the diet (Figure 5.8). Iodination of salt has been shown to be a highly effective means of preventing iodine deficiency. Giving iodised oil by mouth or injection can be used as an interim measure in endemic regions where provision of iodised salt may not be feasible. Encourage the mother to use iodised salt every day during the postnatal period, if it is available. Otherwise, a dose of iodised oil can be given to the mother soon after delivery if goitre is common locally.

5.2.2  Counselling on postnatal nutrition

5.2.4  Preventing vitamin A deficiency