8.5.1  KMC procedures

After you have explained about the KMC procedures to the mother (or another KMC provider) you should follow the steps in Box 8.1:

Box 8.1  Preparations for Kangaroo Mother Care

  • Make sure the room is clean and warm.
  • Provide privacy to the mother so she can open her clothing at the front, exposing her breasts.
  • Request the mother to sit or recline comfortably.
  • Undress the baby gently, except for cap, nappy (diaper) and socks.
  • Place the baby lying flat, facing the mother’s chest in an upright and extended posture, between the mother’s breasts, in skin-to-skin contact.
  • Turn the baby’s head to one side to keep the airways clear. Keep the baby in this position for 24 hours every day except for brief breaks.
  • Cover the baby with the mother’s shawl, or gown; wrap the baby-mother together with an added blanket, and put a cap on the baby’s head.
  • Breastfeed the baby frequently, at least 8-12 times a day.
A mother sleeping with her baby lying asleep on her chest.
Figure 8.4  The mother and baby can sleep together in KMC.

Reassure the mother that babies can receive most of the necessary daily care, including breastfeeding, while in KMC. The baby is removed from the skin-to-skin contact only for changing the diaper, general body hygiene and cord care, and to assess the baby during your postnatal visit. It is only for the first three to five days after the birth that the mother may need to lie in bed. Once the baby’s condition is stable, the mother can walk and do her routine work while the baby is in KMC, and they can sleep together in KMC at night (Figure 8.4).

8.5  Kangaroo Mother Care

8.5.2  Checking the baby is OK in KMC