9.4.3  Making sure the health facility knows how to communicate with you

Health workers in the nearby health facilities should map and know the names of the kebeles and the HEPs (or other health workers) in the Health Posts surrounding their health facility. Check that they have all the information they need about you, especially where to find you and how best to contact you. If you find that they fail to communicate all the information you need when they discharge a patient back into your care, contact them and ask them for written feedback, setting out the diagnosis, what they have done so far and what needs to be followed up by you. Impress them with your professionalism and make sure that they see you as a valued member of the health workforce in the community.

In other words, for the whole health system to be effective, health workers in the higher-level health facilities and the health workers in the community need to work hand in hand as a single team. If everybody’s efforts are coordinated, there is a better chance of achieving the main goal – saving the lives of mothers and newborns.

And finally, we all want to see continuous improvement in the whole system of health care. One way of achieving this is through regular performance review. Bringing together everybody involved to discuss how you can better harmonise and coordinate your activities can make the continuum of care successful for all concerned.

9.4.2  Transport and the emergency evacuation plan

Summary of Study Session 9