8.3.7  Questions of your own

You probably have some questions of your own that you want to ask the pregnant women you meet, but that we did not include in this study session. For example, if there is hepatitis B in your community, you may want to ask the woman if she has hepatitis B, or tell her how to prevent it. Think about the information you need to know in order to give her good antenatal care, and prepare for labour, delivery and the postnatal period.

Later in this module, Study Session 13 will explain the detailed schedule of four antenatal visits recommended for focused antenatal care (FANC), and the guidelines on what to cover in each visit. You will learn how to make clear, systematic notes on the integrated care card that you will complete every time you visit a pregnant woman, and during her labour, delivery and postnatally. But first you need to know how to examine her and her baby, as the next study sessions describe.

8.3.6  Does she have any other health problems?

Summary of Study Session 8