9.9  Checking for a vaginal infection

The normal vaginal discharge is not smelly, it is small in amount, and it does not stain or wet the underwear.

Warning symptoms

If a pregnant woman has an infection in her vagina, the signs are:

  • Whitish or curd-like discharge
  • Bad-smelling discharge
  • Itching of the external genitalia (look back at Figure 3.2 in Study Session 3 to remind yourself of the anatomy of the female genital area)
  • The vulva could be swollen
  • There may be burning during urination
  • The woman may report she has pain during sex.

If a pregnant woman has an abnormal discharge, or reports any of the other symptoms listed above, refer her to the nearest health centre as soon as possible.

9.8.2  How to help a woman with diabetes

9.10  Conclusion