9.3.2  What to do if the woman has a fever

A fever can be caused by:

  • Sickness — for example, flu or malaria
  • An infection of part of the body — like a bladder infection, or an infection of the uterus
  • A mild fever can also be caused by dehydration (loss of body fluids due to not drinking enough water).

Important!If the fever does not come down in 8 hours, refer her to a health centre.

A high fever needs to be lowered right away. To lower a fever:

  • Give 500 to 1,000 mg (milligrams) paracetamol by mouth every four to six hours
  • Have her drink one cup of fluid every hour
  • Wash her body with a cloth dipped in cool water.

9.3.1  How to check her temperature

9.4  Checking her pulse