12.3  Aches and pains

12.3.1  Back pain

Many pregnant women get back pain. The weight of the baby, the uterus and the amniotic fluid, changes her posture and puts a strain on the woman’s bones and muscles. Too much standing in one place, or leaning forward, or hard physical work, can cause back pain. Most kinds of back pain are normal in pregnancy, but it could also be caused by a kidney infection.


Encourage the woman’s husband, children, other family members or friends to massage the woman’s back. A warm cloth or hot water bottle on her back may also feel good. Her family can also help by doing some of the heavy work, such as carrying small children, washing clothes, farming, and milling grain. A tight girdle, or a belt worn about the hips, together with frequent bed rest, may relieve severe back pain.

12.2.2  Haemorrhoids (piles)

12.3.2  Joint pain