Learning Outcomes for Study Session 13

When you have studied this session, you should be able to:

13.1  Define and use correctly all of the key words printed in bold. (SAQ 13.1)

13.2  Discuss the principles of focused antenatal care (FANC) and state how it differs from the traditional approach. (SAQ 13.1)

13.3  Describe the schedule, objectives and procedures covered in each of the four FANC visits for women in the basic component. (SAQs 13.2 and 13.3)

13.4  Advise pregnant women on birth preparedness, including the equipment they will need. (SAQ 13.4)

13.5  Summarise the main aspects of complication readiness and emergency planning, including advising blood donors and writing a referral note. (SAQ 13.3)

Study Session 13  Providing Focused Antenatal Care

13.1  Focused antenatal care: concepts and principles