13.6.2  Birthing supplies the mother should prepare

The birthing supplies that a pregnant woman and her family should be advised to prepare before the delivery are listed below (and see Figure 13.2):

  • Very clean cloths to put under the mother and for drying and covering the newborn
  • New razor blade to cut the cord
  • Very clean and new string to tie the cord
  • Soap, a scrubbing brush and (if possible) medical alcohol for disinfection
  • Clean water for drinking and for washing the mother and your hands
  • Three large buckets or bowls
  • Supplies for making rehydration drinks, ‘atmit’ or tea
  • Flashlight if there is no electricity in the area.
Small images of the birthing supplies mentioned previously.
Figure 13.2  Supplies the woman should prepare in readiness for the birth.

13.6.1  Normal birth preparedness

13.6.3  Complication readiness and emergency planning