1.7.1 Why Complete the Challenges?

In Section 1.5 you began thinking about the different types of skills that will be covered in this course. You were encouraged to consider which skills you will be bringing to your studies and which skills you particularly want to develop.

You are likely to be asked about which skills you have at many points in your life. Going to college, getting a job, joining a community group, helping out a neighbor, becoming a volunteer ... all of these activities may involve someone asking you about your skills. But how can you prove you have particular skills?

Formal learning settings such as college and university courses will usually offer qualifications that recognize your learning. However, such qualifications give few clues about the skills that a person has developed in order to gain that qualification. For example, could you guess what skills a person may have developed if they have gained a Diploma in Business Management? Me neither! I’d make a guess that the person could manage others in a business setting but would not be sure what that involves. What’s more, this Diploma may not acknowledge other skills that have been gained as part of the study process, such as communication with other students, essay writing, finding information using the internet, time-management, and meeting deadlines.

The challenges in Learning to Learn give you the chance to clearly demonstrate to others (and to yourself) the skills and knowledge that you have gained from studying the course.

1.7 Learning Through Challenges

1.7.2 About the Learning to Learn Challenges