1.7.2 About the Learning to Learn Challenges

The eight challenges featured in Learning to Learn give you the opportunity to gain recognition for important skills you have developed through studying the course, allowing you to demonstrate these skills to others, for example when applying for a job. The challenges are entirely optional and each can be completed independently of the other challenges. 

The challenges will build on the activities you are asked to do throughout Learning to Learn and will often use your responses to those activities as the basis for your achievement of a particular challenge. In this way, working on a challenge will also consolidate your learning of key parts of the course.

Throughout your study of Learning to Learn you will be able to consult your “Activity Record” (look for the link to this at the right-hand side of the course website). Your Activity Record details all of your work on the course, together with the challenges you have completed. At the end of the course you could save and print your Activity Record to use as evidence of your learning and skills.

The eight Learning to Learn challenges are listed below.

Web Evaluation Challenge: This is the first challenge of the course.  You will get the chance to complete it later in Unit 1. It involves you demonstrating the Web evaluation skills you developed in Section 1.5 and requires you to evaluate two websites that could be useful learning resources.
Qualities, Knowledge, and Skills Audit Challenge (Part 1): This challenge is in two parts and builds on the skills audit activities in Unit 2. Part 1 of the challenge requires you to identify the skills that you have at the beginning of the course.
Theory Challenge: This challenge builds on the Unit 3 discussion of learning theories and the related activities. It allows you to demonstrate your understanding of the learning theories that are covered in the course, and the ways in which these theories may be relevant to your own life.
Social Learning Challenge: This challenge builds on Unit 2’s activities connected with gaining feedback and on Unit 3’s discussion of informal learning and communities of practice. The challenge allows you to demonstrate your communication skills and requires you to use the Learning to Learn online forum to get feedback from other students, which may help you to achieve your learning goals.
Action Plan Challenge: This challenge builds on Unit 4’s activities. To complete this challenge you will be required to create an Action Plan setting future goals and identifying sources of support that might help you to achieve those goals.
CV/Resume Challenge: This challenge requires you to create a CV or resume recording your skills and experiences.
Qualities, Knowledge, and Skills Audit Challenge (Part 2): Part 2 of this challenge requires you to assess the extent to which your skills have developed as a result of studying the course and to identify any new skills that you have gained.
Reflection Challenge: This challenge acknowledges your skills as a reflective learner and draws on your responses to the reflection activities that feature throughout the course. You complete the challenge when you have worked through the course.

1.7.1 Why Complete the Challenges?

1.7.3 How to Complete a Challenge