1.7.4 Frequently Asked Questions About the Challenges

Q: Are the challenges compulsory?

A: No. You may choose not to complete any challenges, or just to complete a few challenges related to your own interests. However, we hope that you will complete as many challenges as possible, because they will help you to consolidate your learning. They will also give you recognition for the skills and knowledge that you’ve developed since starting Learning to Learn.

Q: Do I have to complete the challenges in order?

A: No, although many of the challenges draw on knowledge and skills gained in particular units, so it is highly recommended that you don’t attempt a challenge until you are prompted to do so. However, you may choose to wait until later in the course to complete a particular challenge. (You can return to the challenge pages at any time.)

Q: How will I know which of the activities in the course will contribute towards completing a challenge?

A: If an activity is an essential element of a challenge, you will see the logo for that challenge alongside the activity.

Q: Will I have proof that I have completed a challenge?

A: Yes. Each challenge you complete will appear on your Activity Record for the course. You will also be able to download and save the evidence created for each challenge (e.g. a CV or your completed Action Plan). Every challenge that you complete will add to a portfolio of evidence demonstrating your skills and knowledge.

1.7.3 How to Complete a Challenge

1.7.5 The First Challenge