1.8 Looking Back and Moving On

Unit 1 has introduced you to the main aspects of Learning to Learn and also outlined some academic skills that we will be focusing on. By now, you may also have completed your first challenge.

At this point in the unit, the key question is: What have you learned that you did not know when you started Unit 1?

When you reach the end of a unit, it is a very good idea to review the work you have completed. Although most people feel fairly confident reading steadily through a unit from start to finish, there will be situations where it is more important to read through quickly to identify a key point, or to look through several sections to get an overall view of the main ideas. In these cases, reading every sentence carefully would not be appropriate and would waste time.

Suppose you wanted to find one piece of information quickly—for example, a fact that you knew you had read in the current unit. What would you do? One way would be to look at the contents list or browse quickly through the units, reading the headings and subheadings. The first sentence in each paragraph often introduces the main idea, too. Or, if you have a good idea where you read the information initially, you can quickly glance through the unit just looking for that one piece of information.

1.7.5 The First Challenge

1.8.1 Using a Mind Map to Summarize Information