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Learning to Learn: Challenge 1: The Web Evaluation Challenge

Challenge 1: The Web Evaluation Challenge


Educator Jay Cross (2007, p.192) asserts that “the internet was made for informal learning … It’s user-driven. You can pick what you want and take a little or a lot.” 

There’s no doubt that the internet and especially the Web is an incredibly valuable resource for learning and for personal change.  In 2008, a Google blog page gave the number of non-duplicate web pages indexed by them to be about 1 trillion! However, the Web is also largely unregulated, and contains a lot of inaccurate information. Web evaluation skills such as those you learned in Section 1.5 are therefore essential to making the most of the Web.

Why Complete this Challenge?

When you’re searching the Web for personal reasons you will obviously want to assess whether the information you find is accurate. In addition, academic study and many jobs involve searching the Web to find information. Web evaluation is therefore a very valuable skill to be able to demonstrate to others. For example, if you’re applying for a job that involves using the Web to find information it may improve your chances of getting that job if you can prove you are able to methodically evaluate the quality of that information. Completing the Web Evaluation Challenge will allow you to show you are Web savvy!

What’s Involved?

Before trying the challenge you should complete Activities 1.3 and 1.4 in Unit 1 as preparation. To complete the challenge you need to conduct PROMPT evaluations for two websites and enter the results of each PROMPT evaluation into the online form we have provided for that evaluation.

What Evidence Will be Generated for this Challenge?

Your Learning to Learn Activity Record will show that you have completed this challenge. You will be able to download, save, and/or print your Activity Record. You will also be able to save and print your completed Web Evaluation Challenge forms to use in conjunction with your Activity Record, as evidence of your skills.

You should now return to Unit 1: Course Overview.