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Challenge 5: The Action Plan Challenge

Challenge 5: The Action Plan Challenge


An action plan can be a very powerful tool for achieving personal development and change, comprising a list of all the steps to take to reach a particular goal and a timetable for achieving each step. In Unit 4 you will learn how to develop an action plan by setting goals, breaking those goals down into achievable steps, and exploring possible obstacles to achieving your goals. By the end of the unit you should have completed your own action plan and, in doing so, will have met the requirements of the Action Plan Challenge.

Why Complete this Challenge?

Completing the Action Plan Challenge gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your:

  • Ability to clearly identify goals and the steps required to achieve them.
  • Understanding of the factors that may help and hinder progress towards.
  • Ability to identify resources and sources of support that may help you to achieve your goals.
  • Ability to develop a logically structured action plan.

The skills you will develop through completing the Action Plan Challenge, and the knowledge that you will gain, can be applied in many different contexts. Action planning is an important part of academic study but it can also be invaluable in many jobs—especially those that involve completing complex tasks, or managing projects. In addition, action planning has numerous applications in other aspects of life; for example, leisure pursuits and family activities such as organizing vacations or scheduling home renovations.

What’s Involved?

The required activities for the Action Plan Challenge are:

You will be prompted to complete these activities as you work through Unit 4. As with all of the other challenges, the Action Plan Challenge is entirely optional—but if you wish to complete Challenge 4: The Social Learning Challenge, you will need to complete many of the required activities for the Action Plan Challenge.

What Evidence Will be Generated for this Challenge?

Your Learning to Learn Activity Record will show that you have completed this challenge. You will be able to download, save and/or print your Activity Record. You will also be able to save and print your completed Action Planning Journal and action plan to use in conjunction with your Activity Record, as evidence of your skills.

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