5.5 Conclusion

We hope that you have enjoyed Learning to Learn. The course and its challenges have asked you to explore your own learning and how it can be used for personal development and change. We hope that you have realized that you have a combination of qualities, knowledge, and skills that you can take forward in ways that will help you feel fulfilled in whatever you decide to do and will make your life more interesting and enjoyable.

We also hope that, as a result of doing the challenges, you have created documents including the Qualities, Knowledge, and Skills Audit, your Action Plan, your CV (or resume) and your reflective Learning Journal. These should be useful to you in understanding your achievements and putting you in the best possible position to share your achievements and experience with other people.

We also hope that you have begun to feel that in addition to being able to manage change in your life, you can also successfully study at the level of higher education. The academic skills you have built in this course will help you in other courses, and we hope that this means that, although you are finishing Learning to Learn, this is only just the start for other, perhaps longer, courses. We also hope that it marks the start of many exciting changes in your life.

Good luck and best wishes as you continue learning to learn.

5.4.5 What Am I Going to Do Next?