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Challenge 8: The Reflection Challenge

Challenge 8: The Reflection Challenge


We think that this is probably going to be the last challenge that you will do as part of your work on Learning to Learn. Because we have been asking you to do lots of reflection for the activities and the challenges in this course, we thought that you should have the chance to do a separate Reflection Challenge—so here it is.

Why Complete this Challenge?

We hope by now that you are comfortable with the idea that reflecting on how you learn and what you are doing with your life is useful. (We are not suggesting that you should constantly be in reflective mode and we recognize that there are many times when “reflection” is not appropriate; for example, on a busy road, it can be vital to react quickly to avoid or prevent an accident.) But even here, once everybody is safe, there may be scope to reflect on how to anticipate such events better in future.

So doing this challenge is a chance to reinforce for yourself the idea that you are a reflective learner.

What’s Involved?

It makes most sense to leave this challenge until the end of your work on Learning to Learn. This means that you will have read through all the units of the course, and have done all the challenges that you plan to do. If you have been keeping a Learning Journal, that will be very helpful for this challenge. But do not worry if you have not kept up to date with your Learning Journal—you should still be able to do this challenge without too much difficulty.

The required activities for completing the Reflection Challenge are:

  • Activity 5.11—read a short piece of writing (“What is Reflection?”) and then use some of the ideas it includes to reflect on a personal experience or situation.
  • Activity 5.12—a short quiz about another short piece of writing, “Be Aware of Your Habits.”
  • Activity 5.13—twenty questions that can be used to prompt reflection. You are asked to choose some of these to support your own reflection.
  • Activity 5.14—an article about Learning Journals that may be particularly helpful if you have not got into the habit of keeping a Learning Journal, but you may choose to skim over this if you have written a number of journal entries. You are then asked to use your Learning Journal to reflect forwards and reflect backwards.

Doing this is a really good way to capture the most important aspects of what you have achieved while studying Learning to Learn.

This is the only challenge that you are not asked to reflect on—it’s reflective enough as it is! Throughout Learning to learn we have said that reflecting on your studies is a very personal activity and that this makes it difficult to guess what your responses might be. We hope that you have got a lot from the course and that you feel you want to go on learning.

What Evidence Will be Generated for this Challenge?

Your Learning to Learn Activity Record will show that you have completed this challenge. You will be able to download, save and/or print your Activity Record. You will also be able to save and print your responses to each of the activities to use in conjunction with your Activity Record, as evidence of your skills.

You should now return to Unit 5: Reflecting Backward, Reflecting Forward.