22.3  Monitoring during IV therapy

Once the IV tubing has been connected to the cannula, push the roller to the top of the clamp (see Figure 22.6). This allows the fluid to run down the tube and into the woman’s vein as quickly as possible. The flow rate should be as fast as you can run it because the woman is losing a lot of blood. Maintain this high flow rate at all times, including during transportation to the health facility. Make sure the IV fluid bag is kept higher than the woman’s arm, or the flow rate will slow down even if the roller clamp is fully ‘open’.

The roller clamp in its closed and opened position and how it is attached to the cannula going into the forearm. A close up of the cannula.
Figure 22.6  The roller clamp can be ‘closed’ (middle picture) or ‘opened’ to adjust the flow rate of IV fluid down the IV tubing and into the vein through the cannula.

22.1.6  Inserting the IV cannula

22.3.1  Establishing a monitoring routine