Ffynonellau ar gyfer Uned 1

Ffynh 1A

Since the revival of learning in Europe, most nations have been emulous of bringing forward their respective stores of ancient memorials, in order to enrich the common stock; but a vast treasure is contained in the Welsh language, in manuscripts, and the oral traditions of the people, of which barely a notice has hitherto been given to the world.

To investigate this hidden repository, and to bring to light whatever may be deemed most rare and valuable, is the primary object of the following work.

(William Owen Pughe’s editorial preface to the first volume of The Cambrian Register, 1796).

Lawrlwythiadau yn perthyn i’r ddogfen yma

Gallwch lawrlwythio’r ffeiliau yma i’w defnyddio all-lein neu ar ddyfais symudol.

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