Ffynh 3D

Mynachlogddu June 19, 1843 William Peel Esq.,

Sheriff [of Carms.] Taliaris

Sir, ... in my journey of doing good to the Poor and distressed farmers I took notice of you as one who not careful enough of your Tenantry do by your oppressing and arbitrary power make them to languish under your hand. You know very well I dare say that every article the farmer has to sell is of a very low price in this county [Carms.] and you know too well that your rent is as high as ever therefore if you will not consider in time and at your next Rent day make a considerable allowance to your Tenantry I do hereby warn you in time to mind yourself for as sure as this letter will come to your hand I and my dutiful daughters from 5 to 10 hundred of us will visit your habitation at Taliaris in a few days and you will do well to prepare a secure place for your soul we will do well with your body your flesh we will give to the Glansevin [a Carms. estate] hounds and your bones we will burn with those of Sir James Williams [of Edwinsford] and Lewis Gilfach in Tophet [symbolic for the torments of Hell, or Hell itself] unless you and them will make more good to the poor farmer than you do. Down the rent and all will be good.

I remain your faithful Servant Rebecca Do good

(A Rebecca threatening letter, Public Record Office, Home

Office papers, 45/454 [Tip: daliwch Ctrl a chliciwch dolen i'w agor mewn tab newydd. (Cuddio tip)] )